How Can I Make the Most of Valentine’s Day While in Recovery?

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can cause a lot of pressure for those in recovery. The expectation of being in a happy, committedrelationship in and of itself can lead some of us into anxiety, panic, depression, resentment, and more. Whether you’ve been in recovery for a long time or are just about to begin your journey through recovery, self-care is important each day. Holidays are especially critical for self-care due to the widespread societal belief of what each holiday represents, what we should be doing, and who we should be spending our time with. Make it through Valentine’s Day the following ways:

  1. Remember that it’s just a day. Let go of what Valentine’s Day “should” or “shouldn’t” be. If you change your perception on the holiday, you can give yourself more freedom to accept whatever happens that day. You don’t have to do anything “special” if you don’t want to – or you can redefine the day and make it a day that’s all about self-care.
  2. Practice appreciation. Most of what causes jealousy and resentment on holidays such as Valentine’s Day is the focus on others and less on what one has. Focus on what you do have. Appreciate the small things, and thank the people in your life that have contributed greatly to it.
  3. Date with a purpose. If you are dating, make the decision to be upfront and honest with the people you meet. Don’t waste your time. Get to know other people but don’t compromise who you are and how far you’ve come. The New York Daily News suggests meeting up with people at places like a bookstore of coffee shop instead of a bar. Know your values and stick to them.
  4. Implement something fun that day. Have a routine or schedule ready and implement activities such as reading an enjoyable book, going to the mall, ice skating, playing a musical instrument, or some other activity that will spark your interest on a sober level. Having a schedule for the day can help you to stay on track.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be filled with stress, anxiety, and despair. Make the decision to redefine Valentine’s Day and make it a day where you treat yourself to a spa day, a nap, a scenic walk, and more. Holidays are what you make of them, and if you choose to have a wonderful day, you can have one. Don’t let societal pressures bog you down.

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