How Busy Should You Be During Treatment?

A person who suffers from addiction is busy all the time.  While it may look like they aren’t doing anything, their mind is always spinning about where their next high is going to come from.  Beginning a journey of recovery can be very challenging for numerous reasons, one being time management.  When you take drugs and alcohol out of an addict’s life, there really isn’t much left.  Many people whose lives are run by addiction have lost jobs and relationships.  The only constant in their life is addiction.  
Making the decision to attend treatment will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.  Someone who has never been may have no idea what a daily day consists of.  Most treatment centers know that your life has been completely engulfed by addiction until the moment you open the doors to their facility, which is why they make it a point to keep you busy doing recovery based activities.  
There is a lot to discover once you become clean and sober.  Initially, treatment can help you to feel physically well, but learning why you are an addict or alcoholic is the true purpose.  Most people swept up by addiction have deeper psychological issues that need to be examined before they are able to heal from their addiction.  Some may not even realize they have deep-rooted resentment from decades ago that contributed to their addiction.  Childhood abuse, death, or mental illness not correctly dealt with all have the ability of sneaking out in other forms, such as addiction.
Treatment helps teach basic life skills that may have been forgotten when addiction became severe.  Some people become so consumed by drugs and alcohol that things as simple as daily hygiene go out the window.  Counselors in treatment will also help you develop effective coping strategies to deal with unpredictable life circumstances.  There may be panels of people from twelve step programs that come in to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope.  Treatment is a busy place for those recovering from addiction.  Once you’re physically well, many places expect you to participate and learn.  Being bored is dangerous for a person new to recovery.  While you do need some time to explore yourself, it’s important to put in effort and participate in programs treatment has to offer.  Addiction temporarily terminated your ability to grab life by the horns, but now is your chance for a better life.
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