Hidden Signs of Stress

Hidden Signs of Stress

It is possible that you have been feeling more tense on a daily basis. Because you find this to be typical behavior, you may not be doing anything about it. By understanding the hidden signs of your stress, you will understand the urgency of doing something about it.

One of the hidden signs of stress can be if you are feeling tooth or jaw soreness. We tend to grind our teeth when we get nervous known as bruxism. Make sure to see a dentist if this problem gets worse. A second sign is having memory lapses. You may be finding it hard to focus or forgetting things that used to be easy for you to remember which may mean that you have too much on your plate. A third sign is if you are having digestive issues as your brain is always communicating with your stomach. Stress can cause your body to produce more digestive acid which leads to heartburn, gas, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea.

A fourth sign is not being able to drink enough water. The Huffington Post says that stress can make your body pump out stress hormones which makes your adrenal glands overworked and tired. The adrenal glands also are in charge of regulating your body’s level of fluids and electrolytes. Levels dropping can lead to dehydration and low electrolyte levels. Always have in handy with you a cup with a lid attached to it that you can bring with you everywhere. A fifth sign is muscle tension and soreness. When your muscles are involuntarily tensing up due to stress, this can lead your body to experience a lot of pain in time such as your back and neck. Being in constantly fight-or-flight mode will lead you to produce a lot of cortisol.

A sixth sign is if you are having bad or weird dreams in which your brain is subconsciously working through issues that were unresolved that day. Your brain is probably managing negative or stressful emotions when you are just trying to sleep. A seventh sign is if making big or small decisions turns out to be a challenge for you. Stress can cause you to focus more on the positive than the negative where you will make rash decisions. Noticing the hidden signs of stress will allow you to seek a mental health professional to speak about how to better keep calm and relax.

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