Healthy Tips for How to Deal with Weight Gain in Early Recovery

Healthy Tips for How to Deal with Weight Gain in Early Recovery

For people in recovery from addiction, weight gain is not unusual. Appetites pick up after quitting drugs or alcohol and metabolism changes. Poor eating habits may also contribute to increased weight gain. Find some healthy tips for how to deal with this challenge in recovery.

Nutrition Education

Abstinence from substances is one thing but maintaining a healthy diet is necessary to help the body recover in addiction recovery. An experienced nutritionist can help provide proper information, nutrition, and healthy recipes in support of people in recovery. It can also help to get organized around proper eating by:

  • Preparing weekly meals start of the week
  • Prepare a grocery list
  • Avoid snacks and candy
  • Visit a local farmer’s market to get plenty of fruits and veggies
  • Drink water and avoid soda, energy drinks, and junk food

Get Moving

Healthy eating does not guarantee you will not gain weight. Metabolism can play a huge role, especially with age. In order to maintain a healthy weight, it helps to incorporate exercise into a regular routine. If you are seeking ways to get moving more regularly, it helps to:

  • Take the stairs
  • Walk instead of drive
  • Skip the elevator at work
  • Plan fun day trips with friends
  • Go hiking, swimming, or try other active activities
  • Ride bike around town rather than just hitting the gym (or do spin class)

Stay Focused

It helps to not avoid social gatherings, holiday celebrations or parties because they are full of junk food or appetizing snacks. Decide ahead of time and choose reasonably. Eat a healthy meal beforehand and make that a snack day. You might also:

  • Nibble fruits and veggies
  • Avoid sodas and sugary drinks
  • Bring a water bottle or something else to stay focused on good habits

In the end, being healthy is the most important aspect of recovery when it comes to eating well and maintaining sobriety. The body goes through a lot and now is the time to take charge of every aspect of your health.

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