Having Faith Isn’t A Bad Thing

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Having Faith Isn’t A Bad Thing


When getting clean and sober, learning that you should learn to put your faith in some form of higher power can be troubling.  Addiction can make your life spiral out of control, and when you have troubled times, it is hard to believe that something or someone out there is on your side.  In the beginning of recovery when you’re struggling with the concept, temporarily placing faith in a simple object can be a good start to learning to put your faith in a higher power.  


If you’re having a hard time, simply have faith in your morning cup of coffee.  You know that it will be warm and brighten up your day, and you can trust your coffee will give you what you need at that moment.  The same can go for your daily exercise routine.  You can have faith that you’ll get a workout while gaining serenity and peace of mind.  It can be something you look forward to each day.  Some people find it hard to believe in things they can’t see, which is why faith is difficult for them.  Putting faith in small, mundane things in the beginning will help you eventually achieve the ability to trust a higher power for the bigger things.


Some people think of hope and faith as the same thing, but they are very different.  Hope is a concept that comes from the mind.  Hoping that an outcome turns out the way you want can lead to disappointment.  Unlike hope, faith comes from the heart.  Faith can help you discover your purpose in life.  Everyone experiences ups and downs in their lifetime, which can make you question your existence.  Having faith that everything will turn out okay, and even if it doesn’t, knowing you’ll survive through the hurt is imperative.  Whatever doesn’t kill you can make you stronger, and faith provides strength.  
The presence of faith can trump all worry, stress, and anxiety.  You need faith in your day-to-day activities such a driving and working.  When you’re driving, you have faith other drivers are following the rules of the road and won’t crash into you.  When at work, you trust your boss is doing their job correctly in calculating your time.  These little leaps of faith can lead to big leaps of faith.  Trusting that a higher power, for reasons you may never know, chose to save you from addiction and gave you the opportunity for a better life can give you great peace.  While you may struggle to understand why you have experienced certain things in life, know that faith trumps all and perseverance of trust in something larger will lead to a peaceful and serene life.


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