Hate the Gym but Want to Get Fit? Try These 5 Options Instead

Hate the Gym but Want to Get Fit? Try These 5 Options Instead

Getting fit in recovery is no easy feat. Staying sober is challenging while avoiding triggers and cravings. Exercise is one way to combat those negative aspects of recovery you might not want to think about. Exercise can provide a ‘natural high’ by flooding the body with endorphins in a healthy way. These five options can help you embrace exercise if you’re worn out on other ideas or just want to try something new.

Don’t Hate the Game

Exercise is never intended to be something you dread. You may be feeling worn out from the same old routine or just crave some diversity in what activities you’re doing. You can still increase your levels of endorphins while having a great time. The trick is to find an activity that keeps you motivated. Consider these physical activities that boost endorphins and get positive brain chemicals pumping:

  • Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding: if you live by water or near enough, you can get some endorphins going without feeling like you’re actually exercising. It requires practice and patience. You may fall at first, but laugh it off. Laughter releases feel-good endorphins.
  • Climb a rock: indoor rock-climbing walls are all the rage right now but there are plenty of outdoor boulders and mountains to scale. Climbing still makes for a fun athletic activity. With a simple search, there will be dozens of rock-climbing classes for beginners near you that challenge both fitness and skill. When it is over, you may or may not want to do it again but at least you gave it a try.
  • Have a ball: social components of exercise are key for some people who like a bit of competition (friendly or not) to their routine. Basketball, bowling, softball, soccer, and group sports are examples of exercise that require interactions with others. Group exercise has distinct advantages by allowing you to form relationships that do not revolve around old habits. Sober fun is the new name of the game.
  • Dancing: this may sound really funny to some people but dancing actually has myriad benefits for people mind, body, and soul. Ballet, hip-hop, or Salsa all trigger the release of endorphins. Dancing to music is a powerful tool for enhancing emotional well-being. People dance to all styles of music and there are likely lessons and groups to join for most types of styles.
  • Swimming and diving: even for amatuer water-enthusiasts, this is a great aerobic exercise year-round. Remember as a kid loving water so much it was hard to get out? Most kids love the water to a certain point and enjoy playing in it but may not have access to it on a regular basi. To get most of the benefits, you can swim at the local gym to get heart muscles pumping or swim laps for kicks. Joining a program to swim with others or even exercise classes based in water can be a fun way to get fit and have fun.

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