Growing Pains: New Study Shows Post-Traumatic Growth Following Addiction Recovery

woman anxious in therapy

There’s no doubt that recovery can be painful – not just in a physical sense as with detoxification, but also because recovery involves growth and change, two things that most of most people dislike. Although it can be painful and challenging at times, recovery is always worth it in the end. The chance for a better future with more happiness, love, support – there’s nothing better than this. However, we must acknowledge these growing pains as they are what has contributed to our success. A 2017 study published in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology sought to address just this.

Researchers from the study examined “addiction-related growth” of 104 individuals who were formerly addicted to alcohol or substances. Questionnaires were completed that addressed questions related to demographic and substance use treatment as well as posttraumatic growth, social support, and help-seeking. Their results indicated that posttraumatic growth is a phenomenon that captures the essence of positive changes experienced as a result of challenging work in recovery. The following were considered the “silver lining” by many participants in the study:

  • Higher levels of spiritual growth and finding the meaning of one’s life
  • The ability to consider and recognize new possibilities in life
  • Greater length of abstinence
  • Personal strengths are more easily capitalized on

Exactly what parts of recovery initiated these positive changes? The researchers found that self-help groups, structured programs, and adequate social support at both the individual and community level made a stark difference. Overall, it seems that taking a stand for one’s recovery by purposefully seeking out resources and developing one’s social support system are great influencers of success.

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, it’s time to make the step towards seeking help from a reputable treatment center. Yes, there will be times when it feels challenging and uncomfortable – but the lifelong benefits of happiness and health outweigh these hardships effortlessly. Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need. Your life is worth it.

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