Fun and Sober Things to do in Orange County

Kayaking at sunset

Living in recovery is something that our clients usually embrace fully once they realize how much better they feel once they start thriving in sobriety. There’s no shortage of fun things to do in recovery. Let us give you some examples of great activities you can do that don’t involve drinking or drugs.

1. All Orange County Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (AOCYPAA)

Obviously, there’s an incredible variety of 12-step meetings happening every day throughout Orange County, but the folks at AOCYPAA (often pronounced by members just like your were reading the initials as a word: “A-oh-key-PAW”) take it to the next level by planning events and activities for sober participants, including conventions, “dances”, beach gatherings, and parties.

If you saw footage from an AOCYPAA new years eve party it would appear to be a huge indoor/outdoor music festival,  with multiple stages featuring popular DJs and tons of revelers dancing and having the time of their lives – many in fun costumes or outfits. What you might not notice upon first glance is that the event is completely sober, and all of the participants are living a life of recovery.

As the name implies, AOCYPAA was originally created to provide teens and early adults fun events to help them thrive in a life of sobriety. However, participants of all ages are welcome to attend their events.  Find out more about upcoming events from their website.

 2.  Meetup Groups that do Sober Activities

The website provides opportunities for sober people to find out about events happening nearby that are sober in nature.  While there are some “meetup groups” that are created specifically for sober participants, those are smaller in size and many of these groups seem to come and go due to the organizers losing interest (such is the case with the vast majority of groups).  We recommend checking out some of the long running groups  that are not necessarily “sobriety related” but occur in settings where drugs or alcohol are not allowed or appropriate. For examples, check out:

These meetup groups are very active and have events that occur in locations where drinking and drug use is prohibited (ie state parks or local beaches). There’s also meetup groups for volleyball, meditation, yoga, and a variety of other activities that occur in sober spaces.

 3. Alano Clubs and Coffee Shop Culture

Of course, every 12-step meeting is a “fun and sober activity” if you ask us, but many newcomers to sobriety might object to the notion that these support group meetings are an adequately fulfilling replacement to the social life they are used to.

Many 12-step meetings occur in the numerous Alano Clubs throughout Orange county and these are social hubs where people interact throughout the day.  An “Alano Club” is how members refer to a “clubhouse” where AA meetings are held. There is usually a counter with coffee and refreshments available,  a TV on which members watch sports or other television shows, other distractions like video and board games, and of course plenty of other recovering people to “shoot the breeze” with.

If grabbing a coffee with friends fits your mood more than listening to an AA speaker meeting or participating in a 12-Step meeting discussion, then you’ll be happy to know that not only are Alano clubs de facto coffee shops, the members of Alcoholics Anonymous (and other 12-Step groups) often use the Alano club as a “meeting up point” from which they will go to grab a coffee together before or after an AA meeting, and often this will lead to dinner plans, movie outings, etc.

 4. Orange County Beaches and Hikes

A Popular Activity in Recovery

 What do these beaches all have in common?

  • Huntington Beach
  • Newport Beach
  • Corona Del Mar
  • Laguna Beach

For starters, they all:

a) are located on the coast of Orange County
b) are world class beaches that people from around the world go out of their way to visit
c) have gentle waves for casual swimming and also good breaks for surfing
d) are drug and alcohol free zones

The numerous state parks and hiking trails throughout Orange County are also drug and alcohol free zones.  Visiting such beautiful outdoor locations and breathing in the fresh coastal air is a great prescription for feeling good about another day without using drugs or alcohol.  These types of uplifting activities provide momentum in someone’s recovery as they transition to finding joy from and feeling empowered by activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

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