For Self-Respect, Take the Next Indicated Step

woman crying in group therapy
What do I do now? It’s a question we ask ourselves often in recovery, especially right after the beginning phases. Getting sober and learning how to stay sober at one time seemed like the most difficult challenge we could possibly have. One day at a time, some days one hour at a time, we made it through without picking up a drink or a drug. Within just a few short weeks to months, sobriety isn’t that difficult anymore. We are learning how to refine the process of our recovery and make more out of our lives in sobriety. That’s when we ask ourselves what now.


It’s a sign of progress and development when we ask ourselves this question because it indicates that we have become aware there is more. Recovery is about more than getting and staying sober. Living sober is an entirely new lifestyle which challenges us to grow and develop. All of the tools, techniques, tips, and suggestions we get in treatment formulate our knowledge for taking what is called the “next indicated step”. The next indicated step will always immediately be stay sober. Once we do that, we can move on to whatever comes after that, according to the situation we are in. We might make a phone call, write in a journal, set an appointment, or just take a few deep breaths. Whatever is next, we just keep going.


Along the way, we develop self-respect. By taking the next indicated step and moving forward, we are demonstrating to ourselves what we are worth. In the process, we show others how we treat ourselves, which teaches them how we would like to be treated. It seems too simple to be so easy. We stay sober, keep going, have greater respect for ourselves, and gain greater respect from others. The next indicated step is a matter of self-respect because it is something we are doing for ourselves. Self-respect can only be built by doing, doing, doing, and continuing to do. If we try to stop living, try to stop doing, or stop staying sober, we stop taking the next indicated step and we start wearing on our sense of self-respect.


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