Signs That You or Someone You Love is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

Addiction is a powerful disease with symptoms that derail your body, emotions and behaviors. Whether you or someone you love are coming apart at the seams or struggling to keep up your façade as a high-functioning addict, the warning signs of addiction rarely lie.

Substance misuse impacts men and women in unique ways, and not all individuals have every symptom associated with chemical dependency. However, if you find yourself identifying all-too-closely with several of these addiction signs, it’s time to take the next Simple step toward help for yourself or your family member.

Physical, Behavioral & Psychological Signs of Addiction

  • High tolerance for alcohol or drugs
  • Brief abstinence to “prove” chemicals are not an issue
  • Hiding substances
  • Drinking & using in secret
  • Memory loss or brain fog
  • Making excuses to hide substance abuse
  • Low tolerance for frustration
  • Easily aggravated or argumentative
  • Withdrawing or withholding information from others
  • Poor eating patterns
  • Poor sleeping patterns
  • Sense of impending doom
  • Changes in job, relationships or living situation related to substance use
  • Binging for lengthy periods
  • Poor personal hygiene & lack of care about physical appearance
  • Isolating oneself from others
  • Feelings of guilt & anxiety
  • Denial of drug or alcohol use

This list is far from conclusive, since addiction impacts individuals in unique ways. In general, substance dependence occurs when you or a loved one continues using drugs or drinking despite the harm it is causing.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom before you get help! When you become aware that chemical dependency is defining your life, the next step is Simple.

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