Families In Recovery

Simple Recovery believes chemical dependency is a family illness that inevitably alters the lives of everyone in the family unit. As family members using mood-altering chemicals, they construct walls that neither a family’s love nor logic can penetrate until treatment is sought. The negative impact of substance misuse reveals itself to family members in a variety of ways as parents, children and siblings demonstrate anxiety, depression, guilt, anger—and even resentment.

What to Expect from Family Treatment

Unfortunately, the walls built during active addiction do not instantly dissolve with abstinence. During and after treatment, family members and the addict continue to deal with a rash of negative emotions and thought processes. Learning to trust, forgive and navigate a new course with healthy limits often requires professional guidance for the client—and experienced support for the family.

Families in Recovery Program

Our Families in Recovery Program offers a safe, comprehensive approach to addressing the emotional and relational pain of addiction. Intensive family workshops last four days (Tuesday through Friday) and are tailored to the needs of your unique situation. Programming may include:

  • Family group psychotherapy
  • Didactic homework assignments
  • Exposure to Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-Step programs
  • Skill-building activities (communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution)
  • Interactive psycho-educational lectures
  • Individual & couples therapy (in person or via phone)
  • Family therapy as indicated

In addition to family workshops, Simple Recovery serves parents of alumni by providing a support group every other Thursday.

Goals & Benefits of Families in Recovery Program

The Simple family program addresses the pervasiveness of chemical dependency in several key ways:

  1. Engaging the family in an individual’s treatment process.
  2. Fostering an understanding of chemical dependency.
  3. Reducing fears and anxieties by answering questions.
  4. Responding to family concerns and identifying the family’s role in the recovery process.
  5. Focusing the family on their personal healing, regardless of the client’s response to treatment.

Family participation begins during pre-treatment and extends throughout our Orange County, CA drug and alcohol treatment program. If the family has not been involved during admission, Simple Recovery counselors (with the permission of the client) will reach out to them to request participation.

“Simple Recovery staffs a very knowledge and caring group of professionals. They help the family and the alcoholic/addict through the process of recovery, and beyond… The rewards of recovery have resulted in a trusting and loving relationship where we no longer tip-toe around the truth” -Jenna M.

Get Help for Your Family

If your loved one’s life is centered around drugs or alcohol, you can’t afford to wait. Contact the Simple Recovery team today, where our clients are never a number—and families are never forgotten.

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