Fitness Exercises To Do in the Winter

Two runners in snow

When you think of winter, your mind may be on Thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkin carving, and the time that the new season of your shows premiere but winter is also the time to come up with a good workout plan. winter is one of the best times to become more physically active as the weather is not too hot and not too cold. By exercising in the winter, you can try a range of new activities and exercise to be better in shape.

When the temperatures are cooler, you can do a number of outdoor activities in the nice weather. You can burn a lot of calories when you walk as well as get your heart pumping. Walking around the park trails will get you to experience new scenery and to breath in the healthy carbon dioxide for your lungs. You can burn 500 calories hourly hiking which can also lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, lower cholesterol, and heart problems.

Riding on your bicycle can help strengthen your muscles and reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer. Trail running can improve your heart health, balance, and core. If it starts to snow early, you can do exercises like snowshoeing or cross country skiing. There are also sports you can play such as football or basketball. When you have to be at your kid’s soccer practice, instead of reading a book sitting on the bleachers, you can talk a walk around the field.

If you live near the beach, you can play volleyball, throw around a frisbee or play fetch with your dog. If you live near the lake, you can go canoeing or kayaking which will improve cardiovascular health. Gym classes tend to start in the winter so it would be a perfect time to set up a workout routine such as trying bootcamp classes which incorporate strength, cardio, and endurance training. When you are inside and you decide to watch the premiere of your new show, you can do indoor exercises like walking, running, standing lunges, triceps off the couch, and lifting weights. Since commercials can be about twenty minutes, you can even do pushups or situps while they are on. Yoga can be done inside or outside with meditative music which helps with muscle strength and flexibility. Take advantage of the nice weather outside and use the start of winter to get active.

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