Finding the Cause You Want to Volunteer For

For years, you may have suffered from addiction, which is one of the most self-seeking diseases out there.  Being in recovery is much more than remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol.  Sobriety is a gift that is very freely given to you and should not be taken for granted.  Recently, the world has adapted an awesome approach of paying it forward, and now is your time to contribute to others in need.  There are endless opportunities and millions in need of a stranger’s generosity.
Finding the cause that is right for you can be overwhelming.  Should you attempt to provide your service based on community need or base your decision more on what you’re passionate about?  To help decide what you want to do, you must first determine what it is you’re after.  If you’ve been in the depths of addiction for some time and have finally come out of your dark hole, helping others do the same may be a good fit.  Addiction is everywhere, so finding a place to fit in wouldn’t be hard.  You could volunteer at treatment facilities or homeless shelters and share your experience, strength, and hope with those still suffering.  
If you’re looking to improve or develop new skills or strengthen your resume, a career based internship or volunteer program may be more suitable for you.  Many places have a high need for volunteers because they simply can’t afford to employ as many people as they need.  You will gain experience while also helping a good cause.  
If you’re looking for meaningful conversation, volunteering at a nursing home would be greatly appreciated by many.  Elderly individuals who reside in institutions still enjoy the company of others, but family members usually don’t have the ability to be there all the time.  Simply visiting and having conversations with patients takes a ton of strain off workers and family members, and provides the elderly with good company.  In that same realm, children who are terminally ill and reside in hospitals desperately need the company of people.  Visiting doesn’t require much from you, but the difference you make in their lives is astronomical.  Now that you’re sober, you can step outside of yourself and make a positive difference in another person’s life, whatever it may be.  
The answer to recovery is Simple. Our multi-tiered program is designed to help your loved one find success on a new path in life through school, work, and meaningful volunteering. Structured for progress, clients at Simple Recovery transition seamlessly through each phase of their recovery.
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