Finding Healthy Sober Friends Starts with These Key Elements

Finding Healthy Sober Friends Starts with These Key Elements

Now that sobriety is the name of the game, with all that hard work, it is time to focus on something else that is important for long-term recovery. Having a social circle of sober friendships can be really critical for lasting recovery. Your social life likely needs a bit of a makeover now that you’re sober. Friends from your past may not be as interested in socializing with you anymore now you don’t drink or use drugs. Learn some tips for how to find healthy friendships in recovery.

Like-minded People

Friendships that do not share sobriety likely don’t have much in common aside from drinking or using drugs. Those friendships may not have deep enough roots to help keep people sober when they really need support. Make sure you are on the lookout for friends whose values align with yours, whose personalities jive with yours, and whose differences complement yours. It is always good to have an extended network of sober people around, but true friendships require more like-mindedness to stay connected.


Many types of people who are sober will eventually relapse, regardless of how much they say they want to stay in recovery. You cannot predict the future but there are potential red flags that may predict a lack of commitment towards sobriety. Be on guard if your potential new friend still hangs around people he or she knew when they were using or still talks about sobriety as ‘just a phase.’ Relapse is different than someone who seems less than committed to their personal sobriety. It is healthy to look for people who have been sober long enough to have seen some ups and downs and perhaps are a bit further down the road who can support you as a friend. Having lots of different types of friends but don’t make newly sober friends the only ones in your social circle.


The ability to talk openly about your addiction with new friends will serve to deepen and strengthen your friendship. Understanding each other’s backgrounds and struggles with addiction help you put everything into perspective. Being able to share this core issue can help you create a better social circle of friends willing and able to share openly the struggles and also the victories of being in recovery.

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