Feng Shui Your Space For Recovery

Feng Shui Your Space For Recovery

Intimate connections with nature can certainly enhance our lives and our stress levels go down when we are outdoors. A growing trend is happening that pushes more connection with nature, including forest bathing, earthing, and growing one’s own food. Feng Shui is one way to catalyze your recovery journey by bringing the outdoors inside to help clear negative energy from your space and keep it feeling healthy.

Why Feng Shui Works

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time at home. Homes are not just about showing what we have, rather it can influence the way we feel. Feng shui is one discipline that can help us understand our personal relationship to our living space by tapping into nature. The five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) were derived from how the world around us works energetically and can inform feng shui as a tool to create more meaningful space at home.

Five Elements Approach to Home

Often people know something is not quite right in our personal spaces. It helps to center ourselves, close our eyes, and breathe deeply as we observe the room around us. A room can tell us a lot about its energy. Just by moving furniture around or incorporating new pieces and some new lighting, a home can feel completely different. Check out these five elements to balance and harmonize the room for enhanced health.


Wood is symbolized by all vegetation and materials derived from vegetation. Indoor plants, gardens, and views of trees provide a connection to this element. To bring this indoors, you might consider:

  • Wooden tables
  • Pillows made of cotton or burlap
  • Botanical prints on window treatments


Fire is symbolized by real fire, such as a fireplace or candles. Visual references to fire with a sunrise or red sofa can be fun. Having pets in the home can also contribute to a fire element.


Earth is symbolized by soil and rocks. A brick wall brings earth indoors while a slate path in a garden or pictures of mountains also bring earth as an element into a home. Earth element is good for bringing stability and peace in relationships.


The metal element can look like a shiny trophy on the mantel or a copper table that has aged. This element will bring more discipline, structure, and refinement to a person’s life.


Water is a great addition to any home. Adding a trickling water fountain to the entry of a home is a great way to enhance the vibrancy and energy of the home. A quiet plug-in table fountain can bring peace and softness into a room, which can enhance a meditation practice. Mirrors represent water with their reflective quality. Glass materials represent water.

There are feng shui consultants who work to advise people on bringing elements into their home and shifting energy into spaces that feel ‘dead’ or lifeless. It helps to go room by room and just make small changes over time rather than all at once. Notice the difference in how you feel and what others notice in the space with just some minor adjustments.

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