FDA Approved “Reset” App That Helps Treat Addiction

App on phone

Advancements in technology make following tasks easier to do at the click of a button, including achieving abstinence from substance abuse. The FDA has just approved a new app called “Reset” created by PEAR Therapeutics which help treat substance abuse and addiction. In order to use this app, you need a smartphone, a prescription pass code, and are already being treated for addiction. This app is used to treat a number of addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, stimulant abuse and marijuana. “Reset” is a useful app in helping you treat addiction while you are at home and makes sure your cravings go down.

“Reset” is like another form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy to better help recognize situations that cause emotional and behavioral responses in order to unlearn bad habits. How it works is the patient receives a prescription and a passcode from the therapist that is treating them, download the app, and then use the passcode to turn it on.

There are a number of questions that the app will ask the patient such as if the patient is using, rating the strength of cravings and pain, hunger, and loneliness. This will give patients the opportunity to see how well or bad they are doing as well as their clinician. There are sixty seven modules that use video, audio, and text to teach the patient what to do in difficult situations such as managing thoughts about using, refusing drugs, mood management, communication, time management, and interpersonal relationships. Another benefit of this app is how it makes great use of contingency management to give patients a reward when they stay away from substance abuse whether it is in the form of a badge or a small amount of money.

A successful clinical trial was what determined FDA approval. A clinical trial was done to 399 patients to use the app and 40.3% of patients were abstinent by the end of the study. Unfortunately, “reset” has no effect on opioid addiction since opioid addicts are told by doctors to take medication to ease symptoms. There will soon be a new app for that particular addiction. By “Reset” getting approved, that means that it is possible for insurances to cover the app which will make more people want to use it. More clinicians should have their patients use “Reset” in order to seek further help in being treated.

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