Family Programs should be Fully Taken Advantage of

Family Program therapy

Family Programs should be Fully Taken Advantage of


Addiction and mental health issues do not only affect the person struggling with the symptoms. Addiction and mental health affect the entire family. Research has shown that involving the family in treatment for certain disorders is quite beneficial. Disorders such as anorexia and substance use are actually best treated when the family is involved, because the family is the client.


With addiction, the family may have enabled the substance user. Enabling comes from a place of care and concern. The family system is impacted by watching someone they love harm themselves. The natural instinct is to help your loved ones.


When you have a loved one struggling with substance use, you may feel protective, worried, angry or even hurt. Family programs can help you sort out and process these valid feelings. Studies show that when the family is involved in their loved one’s treatment, relapse rates are decreased.


During a family treatment program, you will learn about the nature of addiction. You will learn that addiction is not just a physical dependency. Addiction is often indicative of underlying issues related to depression, anxiety and trauma. A family treatment program will help you understand that these issues are not your fault.


You have had your loved one’s best interest in mind; it is only natural to want to help them. When your loved one was using, their first priority was to drugs or alcohol. Their addiction may have affected bills, employment, relationships, education and your peace of mind. You may have felt that at times it was your responsibility to take care of these needs. Family treatment programs want to help you understand that you need to heal from the addiction, as well.


While in family treatment, you will work with a counselor on how to best support your loved one. Establishing healthier boundaries will be part of the therapeutic process during family treatment. You will learn that everything you did came from a place of love and concern, but now is a safe time to release that responsibility.


Family treatment and individual addiction treatment compliment each other. In addiction treatment, your loved one has started accepting responsibility and working to become a healthier person in recovery. Family treatment helps the healing process for you and your loved one.


Family treatment programs should be taken advantage of. They are effective in encouraging long term recovery for the entire family system. Family programs allow a safe place to talk about the effects of the addiction, and plan for the future.


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