Drama Therapy Techniques to Help You Gain a New Perspective

Brain Perspective

Recovery does not have to be void of creativity – in fact, drama therapy has been shown to provide several benefits to those willing to immerse themselves in the creative realm of possibility and understanding. Drama therapy is one method of treatment used in both mental health and addiction recovery; it facilitates growth and change through a variety of techniques, including role playing, utilization of objects and materials, songs, and more. If you’re considering drama therapy, here are a few excellent techniques that you may learn a lot from:

Purposeful Improvisation: Simply stated, “improvising on purpose” is to act out with another person a “potential” situation, behaving in ways that you would ultimately plan to. For example, you may enact a future date with another participant, saying and doing what you would plan to say and do. Purposeful improvisation is a fantastic way to “test out” different ways of communicating and behaving to see what you feel most comfortable with.

Dramatic Projection: As humans, we project our hidden feelings onto others at times. For example, if you’ve become upset at work, you may take it out on your partner by getting easily aggravated with them when you get home. Dramatic projection allows us to project our feelings onto another person or object for the sake of understanding how we truly feel, what we need to do about it, and how we connect to a situation we’re going through.

Role playing: Through this, you can take on any role you need to – a parent, sibling, friend, stranger, etc. Participants do this to help them better understand a situation and how it played out – also to identify the difference between a situation that is helpful versus harmful or safe versus dangerous. By acting in diverse ways, a person can better understand the impact that a previous situation may have had on them and others.

A 2016 study published in the Review for European Studies confirmed that drama therapy has been shown to increase a person’s psychological well-being while promoting positive relationships with others, autonomy, self-acceptance, environmental mastery, personal growth, and reduced irrational beliefs and harmful coping mechanisms in response to upsetting life events and human emotions. If you haven’t yet, give drama therapy a try. You may discover a new way of seeing life – a way that changes yours for the better.

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