Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Insurance Questions

When you or a loved one are dealing drug or alcohol addiction, you want to be able to focus all of your energy on rehabilitation & recovery. Oftentimes, money can be an issue when it comes down to finally getting professional treatment. When you are trying to find out if your insurance covers drug rehab, you may be left with more questions than answers after talking to your insurance company.

Understanding drug rehab and treatment centers

Recovery centers offer either Inpatient or Outpatient programs, or both. In-patient programs, which are often referred to as residential programs include staying at their facility during your detox and through a critical part of the recovery. These programs tend to be more expensive since you are living at the facility during treatment. Intensive Outpatient programs, like the ones offered by Simple Recovery, provide proven techniques for beating addiction while allowing patients to continue with their normal lives as much as possible.

The length of your treatment will make a big difference

Many HOA plans will pay for a treatment program for a specified length of time. It is important to understand how much of your treatment program falls within the allotted time before committing to it financially. You may need to pay for part of your treatment & it’s best to know that ahead of time.

Working with physicians and therapists 

When you are looking at the treatment center you are going to be attending, learn whether or not the therapists and physicians are in your network. If they are not in-network, find out how your insurance’s out of network policy works. Customer support for your health insurance plan will be able to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Be sure to ask for an email or any links to any documentation on their policies so that you don’t have to remember every detail of your conversation with them. Insurance policies are complicated and details are easy to misunderstand or misremember.

Insurance companies don’t usually cover after-treatment

After-treatment is a very important part of the recovery process. It is critically important to not skip this step. This is where you will learn or reinforce the skills to stay sober and create great relationships that will sustain you on hard days. These relationships will also be able to help pick you back up should a relapse occur. Many health plans do not cover after-treatment costs, but it is a step that you should make every effort to complete. It is critical to staying on the path and staying sober.

You are worth the investment

You are worth the cost of treatment. Getting sober is an investment in yourself and your future. The cost of addiction can be devastating, both financially and in relationships lost, bridges burned. Call 888-743-0490 to talk to one of our treatment experts & find out what options are available for your budget.

Each treatment center will have different insurance companies they will work with

If the first treatment center you contact does not work with your insurance company or plan, try another option. Each treatment center works with a different network of health providers. We are in network with a number of providers. Their logos are shown below.

Recovery should be Simple. That is why Simple Recovery provides various methods of treatment to best suit your needs. Our multi-tiered program is designed to help you find success on a variety of levels – through home, work, school, volunteering, and in your personal recovery.

 To learn more about simplifying your life and focusing solely on your recovery, call us today at 888-743-0490