Do Your Instagram Posts Depict Your Mental Health?

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Social media and mental health have been a pair for discussion in recent years. The fast development of the digital age has brought social media into the daily lives of people in a way that could not have been predicted. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are now daily visitations by people who wish to update the world on their life and stay updated on the lives of others.


The existence of the social media profile has offered people an unique opportunity in life. What is chosen to post online creates a special depiction of life. The photos can be chosen, whether they are realistic or not. Hidden behind the facade of social media profiles is the reality of life for the person. Social media “stars” have come forward about how their profile was inauthentic. Candid shots that were supposed to appear natural. Bodies that were enviable were the product of abuse, extreme dieting, and starvation. Many social media users, “stars” and regulars alike have admitted that social media can take a toll on their mental health. Numerous studies have revealed the negative effects of this part of social media. Poor body image, poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health issues have all been linked to high activity of social media.


A new study has found that the content of your Instagram page might be a sign of your mental health status. Researchers looked beyond the general content of the photo and instead looked beyond it to a pixel by pixel analysis. Specifically, the research was examining the way those with expression related to their instagram pages. According to The New York Times, the research discovered that “People…who were depressed tended to post photos that, ona pixel-by-pixel basis, were bluer, darker, and grayer on average than healthy people.” Depression does not necessarily indicate poor health, but a compromised mental health. Comparing a previous history of depression with a pattern-analysis of Instagram content, the researchers were able to draw the connections.


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