Different Kinds Of AA Meetings

AA Meetings
There are many kinds of AA meetings which might include gender specific meetings, step study, topic meetings, and other kind of meetings specific to the region. A variety of AA meetings keeps the AA experience fresh and interesting.


General Meetings

General meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is the most common form of AA meeting that can be found multiple times a day all over the world. Some general meetings will be open, which means anyone is welcome to the meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous is frequented by people who aren’t sure if they are alcoholic or if they want to be sober. Others might attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in order to support a loved one. The only requirement that Alcoholics Anonymous has is the desire to stop drinking. Closed meetings are reserved for those who have identified as Alcoholics and do have the desire to stop drinking.


During a general meeting, there is the opening preamble and reading of selected texts from Alcoholics Anonymous, called “The Big Book”. A leader will read a portion of the book and share their thoughts on that section of the book and a piece of their story. In recovery, it is called their “experience, strength, and hope”. They share their experience of alcoholism, the strength of getting sober, and the hope recovery offers them.


Speaker Meetings

When someone is invited to be a speaker at a speaker meeting, it means that they have a story which is inspiring to others. They have developed a way of telling their story that is inspiring and informative. Speakers will be invited to speak for anywhere between fifteen to forty-five minutes. Some speaker meetings will include tokens and celebrations. Most often, they are a celebration of the person sharing their story. After their story is told, the floor opens up for questions and feedback.

Book Study Meetings

The first 164 pages of “The Big Book” are where the guidance for taking the twelve steps are written. After the first 164 pages are the personal stories of some of the original members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other members whose stories have gained the attention of Alcoholics Anonymous over time. These meetings read one chapter and discuss it. There might be a leader how opens up the discussion on the chapter.


Question Meetings

Recovery can be confusing. Question meetings are open to everyone who has questions about sobriety and the recovery process. Sometimes called an “ask-it basket” meeting, attendees write down their questions and pass the basket around. Then everyone chooses a question and answers it to the best of their ability.


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