Causes of Sleep Anxiety

Causes of Sleep Anxiety

Sleep anxiety is when we are afraid to fall asleep or falling asleep throughout the night. This can mean that your mind is racing about not being able to sleep or about what the day will bring the next day. By learning about the signs of sleep anxiety, this will better help you move forward in getting treated so that you can sleep soundly every night.

One symptom of sleep anxiety is when worrying about the future keeps you up at night. You could be scared about your financial situation or that stressful situation that occurred today at work. All of these what if scenarios will run through your head about what tomorrow will bring. You could also be thinking about past things that you have regretted that you cannot let go of. A second symptom is when you have an elevated heartbeat and shortness of breath. If we always feel like we need to be on guard, that makes it even more challenging to try to relax to fall asleep. Some may even feel that because they are experiencing a shortness of breath now, that they may not be able to breathe once they fall asleep, forcing themselves to stay awake.

A third symptom is the anxiety of watching time go by. You could be staring at your clock and feel worried about how late it is getting. That it is already past midnight and you are still not feeling tired enough to close your eyes. This makes you think about how many more hours you have left that should be used for sleeping. You may feel like you already have an idea of how many hours that you should spend asleep and how many awake. Not fulfilling your expectations will send you in too much of a panic to fall asleep.

A fourth symptom of sleep anxiety could be being afraid that you will have a nightmare. Maybe you had a nightmare the night before and you are scared that same dream will happen again. This may cause you to want to watch television or read a book to avoid having to fall asleep and risk experiencing that nightmare again. In order to get a healthy amount of sleep, you need to speak to a professional about what is causing you to be afraid to go to sleep to ensure you have enough energy for the next day.

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