Candy Crush Game Addiction

Candy Crush Game Addiction

The game app, Candy Crush, is considered the most popular Android game of all time. Market analyst Sensor Tower says that players spend an average of $4.2 million per day in 2018. It is important to take addictions to game apps as seriously as drug and alcohol addiction to be in more control of your finances, mental health, and your life.

Candy Crush is a game where you swap colored pieces of candy to get matches of three or more to eliminate the candies on the board until there is no more left. This game is known to eat up the minutes where you could be riding a bus to go to work, are bored at work, or have a lot of time on their hands who get through hours accomplishing each level. If you play too much or lose too much, the game can time you out which will make you want to play multiple versions of the game until each game times out. If you want to continue playing after the timer is up, you could pay real money for tokens.

Instead of using your free time to spend time with your family or getting work done, it is used up playing a game that never finishes. New levels get added or you will get suggestions to download a game similar to Candy Crush. In 2013, it was reported that out of 1,000 players, 33% ignored their friends or family to play the game; 28% played during work; 10% got into scuffles with loved ones over their playtime; and 30% admitted that they had an addiction.

According to NYU associate professor Adam Alter, there are four danger signs that you need to look for with Candy Crush. One of them is if Candy Crush is if you are spending a good portion of your money on buying tokens or not focusing on your career tasks. A second danger is if the game is affecting your social life where you are not spending enough time with your friends or family. A third danger is if Candy Crush makes you more anxious in having to beat each level. The fourth danger is if Candy Crush causes you to sit on the couch too much. Having gaming addiction means that you need to put your phone down and go into treatment so avoid this never-ending game from taking over your life.

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