Can Rock Climbing Benefit Mental Health?

Rock Climbing

Can Rock Climbing Benefit Mental Health?

Rock climbing is a sport that has gained popularity in recent years.  There are many different types of rock climbing such as sport climbing, bouldering, soloing, and traditional climbing.  The presence of indoor rock climbing gyms are becoming more prevalent and there is likely one close to you.  The reason for the upsurge of rock climbing is people have discovered its astronomical health benefits.
Exercise of any kind can be super beneficial to an individual.  It promotes deep concentration, which allows you to achieve a state of mindfulness.  Rock climbing has been shown to help people with dyspraxia.  Someone with dyspraxia has a difficult time planning their movement.  The world can be such a liquid place, always moving and shifting.  Rock climbing provides a stable environment to allow individuals to plan and analyze their route without it being everchanging.
A person who suffers from addiction may have underlying issues that cause them to turn to drugs and alcohol.  You may have never learned proper ways of addressing stress and used substances to numb feelings.  Rock climbing can be an awesome stress reliever.  The deep concentration required pushes all other thoughts out and allows you to achieve a state of mindfulness.  Mindfulness can be described as an inner peace where the mind, body, and spirit are working together to achieve total serenity.  Climbing is a solo sport where you have the ability to be with yourself.
Exercise, in any form, can provide relief of mental health struggles.  When you exercise, your body sends a signal to your brain to produce more cortisol.  Cortisol is referred to as the stress hormone, and it is released during times of mental and physical stress.  Stress, in certain forms, is greatly beneficial to the mind and body.  It maximizes performance and boosts moods.  Exercise has been proven to reduce depression because it provides a great self-esteem boost and allows an individual to set and achieve personal goals.  


Some may avoid rock climbing because of a fear of heights, but the many different types of rock climbing allows a person to start at their comfort level.  An indoor rock climbing gym where you are harnessed and have someone holding your rope below, has an extremely unlikely possibility of injury.  Starting with this type of rock climbing can allow you to overcome fears and produce a sense of confidence, which will help balance and overcome certain mental health disorders and can even combat addiction.


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