Can I Take Narcotics from a Doctor if I’m Sober?

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Can I Take Narcotics from a Doctor if I’m Sober?

Taking medications prescribed by a health professional is subjective.  If you ask fifty people, you’ll get fifty different answers.  Some may say absolutely not; it will penetrate deep down and trigger relapse.  Others may say it’s fine, as long you’ve gained some sobriety and are past the highly vulnerable stage.  No answer is right or wrong and it is based upon your personal past.  However, it is good to note that sobriety isn’t here to make you suffer.  No twelve step or recovery book will say you need to undergo pain because you’re sober.  The agony of addiction will likely stay fresh for some time, which can help with awareness when needing to take a prescription medication.
Your past experiences with your drug of choice is the real determining factor of whether you can take a certain medication.  For instance, if you were addicted to heroin, a drug such as morphine could be potentially dangerous because they’re both opiates and it could trigger previous feelings.  However, if you were an alcoholic and your doctor wants to prescribe you vicodin, it is likely okay since your prior addiction was to a completely different substance.  


When taking your medication, it is very important to have an all around awareness of the situation.  Make sure to clearly read the instructions, and do not exceed the recommended dosage.  If possible, make an attempt to take less than the recommended dose to start.  If you are in pain or suffering, increase to the recommended amount.  It is good to start low because sometimes you may realize you didn’t need as much as they prescribed.


The term “narcotics” can refer to a wide variety of substances.  Many people in recovery suffer from anxiety disorders that require medication.  As long as you’re cognizant of the effects and not exceeding the recommended amount, it is okay.  When you see symptoms of addiction beginning such as taking more than you should, lying about how much you’re taking, or attempting to see several doctors to receive more medication, it is time to stop and get help.


While taking prescription medications from a doctor in sobriety can be nerve wracking and potentially dangerous, you’re not meant to suffer.  Sobriety is about being happy and enjoying life.  Sometimes people have conditions or procedures that require the use of a certain medication, and that’s okay.  As long as you maintain total awareness and honesty about your use, it will likely be fine.  
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