Can I Practice Music Therapy Outside of Treatment?

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Music is therapeutic matter where you are practicing it or how you are practicing it.


Listening To Music

Music evokes emotions because musicians put their emotions into their music. Each song is a manifestation of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and feeling. When we listen to music we are listening to the human experience and identifying with it. No matter the genre, music is making us feel something. We can turn any music listening experience into a music therapy experience when we focus on the feelings. Mindfully, we can pay attention to what is coming up for us through the music experience. Becoming aware of our feelings, we can notice what is beneath the surface. Perhaps a song makes us feel sad and brings a tear to our eye. We can examine what memories or thoughts are coming up for us in that moment and learn from it. Then, music listening turns into music therapy.


We can also use the different emotions of music to evoke different emotions in ourselves. If we are having a hard time connecting to our emotions or finding release, we can use music to get us there. Music can help us feel the anger we cannot feel, the sadness we cannot process, or describe the love we cannot find the words for.

Learning To Play An Instrument

Numerous scientific studies on music and music playing have indicated that learning to play and regularly playing a musical instrument has strong mental health benefits. Playing an instrument contributes to positive cognitive development. Drug and alcohol addiction significantly damage the prefrontal cortex where all of cognitive function lives. Healing the prefrontal cortex heals many behaviors and skills in life. Playing a musical instrument also creates bonding with others while improving self-respect and confidence.


Writing Lyrics Or Songs

For every great musician, there is a great lyricist. Sometimes, one person is both. Playing an instrument, singing, or creating music in some other way may not be your specialty. Instead, you have a gift for words. Lyrics in music connect the world, writing the story of the human condition. Writing lyrics can be like keeping a journal or writing a letter. Putting thoughts to presto paper can be an extremely cathartic experience.


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