Can I Get a Job if I Have a Criminal Record?


Addiction is a disease that often causes people to partake in iniquitous behaviors.  When a person is caught in the web of addiction, the only thing that matters is the substance they are addicted to.  An addict or alcoholic becomes grossly negligent of everything else present in their life.  Beginning a life of sobriety is the best decision a person suffering from addiction can make.  Sobriety is a second chance for a better life.  Yet, this does not mean you get to close the door on your past and forget the things you have done.  Just because you’re clean and sober doesn’t mean people have to forgive you.  If you participated in illegal acts during your addiction, the law will likely follow you for quite some time.
Many people wishing to turn their life around find it extremely frustrating if they have a criminal record.  Job hunting in today’s world is exhausting and generates a lot of disappointment for many people, even if they don’t have a criminal record.  Although there are laws that prohibit employers from excluding you solely because of your criminal background, it seems they often find loopholes to disqualify you.  
Before job searching, it is important that you learn and understand your rights as a felon.  In many states, there are laws present that prohibit potential employers from asking certain questions regarding your background.  If you were convicted of certain crimes as an adolescent, it is quite likely you can get your record expunged, making it invisible on a background check.  Addiction may have caused you to do several illegal acts while you were under the influence.  Employers, however, can only ask about these if they resulted in convictions.  If they were simply arrests but then you were later acquitted, you legally do not need to disclose this information.
It is important when beginning your job search to be realistic.  While employers legally cannot request and view some information about your past, you still do have a criminal record.  If you served prison time for embezzlement, it would be wise not to seek a job at a bank, for example.  You are starting your life over, and that could mean starting a completely new career path.  It may be a good idea to start small and work your way up within a company.  A potential employer may be initially weary of your background, but if you start and the bottom, you are able to build a trusting relationship, which will allow for promotion.  Most importantly when looking for a job with a criminal record, is to be patient.  Obtaining a job takes time and a lot of patience. Believe in yourself and don’t give up.
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