Build An Awe-Inspiring Life In Recovery

People touching hands in group
Awe is proven to enhance your sense of wellbeing and connection to the world. Here are three ways to build an awe-inspiring life in recovery.


Listen to Awe-Inspiring Stories

The longer you stay “in the rooms” the more incredible tales of resilience, survival, and strength you are going to hear. People go through some remarkable events in their life, sometimes the least of which is their experience with drugs and alcohol. When people share their stories in a twelve step meeting, over a coffee date, or when they visit your treatment center, they are sharing their experience, strength, and hope. You, too, have experience, strength, and hope to share with the world. What is most inspiring about listening to the awe-inspiring stories of other addicts and alcoholics in recovery is discovering that you all share something amazing in common. You share the struggle of addiction and the miracle of recovery. The more stories you listen to the more you realize you’ve never been alone. At any point in time, anywhere in the world, someone is struggling to get through their addiction. Simultaneously, someone is courageously making it through and doing great things with their recovery.


Learn Awe-Inspiring Things about the World

Once you get into the groove of staying sober, your eyes open up to an entirely new world around you. You are able to retain knowledge you gain. More importantly, you’ve developed a keen interest in gaining knowledge. Addiction and alcoholism are limiting. Mind altering substances narrow your world to a very small existence controlled by cravings, withdrawals, and a need to use. Additionally, the way their mind is shifted takes them out of the present moment. When you aren’t present, you’re missing most of the picture. People describe getting sober like hearing sounds they’ve never heard, feeling the sensations of being alive like they’ve never felt before. They were never able to fully embrace the experience of being alive because they were under the influence of other substances. When you get sober, you get to wake up to the world and be present for all of the awe-inspiring things happening within it.


Live an Awe-Inspiring Life

The possibilities are endless when you get sober. You have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of every minute of life you almost lost to drugs and alcohol. Living an awe-inspiring life doesn’t mean you have to do spectacular things on a grandiose scale all of the time. You get to decide what awe-inspiring means to you. Your opportunity to live your life is completely yours and nobody else’s. Go on adventures, choose a new career path, pick up a hobby, or pursue a long-last passion. The real awe is inspired by your ability to continue living sober, every single day.


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