Best Tips for Maintaining Healthy Diet and Nutrition During the School Year

healthy foods
While school can be immensely rewarding in various ways, it can also be quite stressful.  Writing papers, studying for exams, and meeting for group projects takes a lot out of you and resembles a full-time job.  Many people also work while continuing their education, which doesn’t leave much room for anything else.  When you’re busy, it’s hard to find time to make sure you’re staying healthy. Being in recovery teaches that you must start caring for yourself.  Addiction caused you to get wrapped up in things and your health came last.  Most addicts and alcoholics are overachievers.  They want to be noticed and crave attention.  They drive themselves crazy by taking on more than they can handle.  It is important you don’t do this with school.  Taking on too much at one time can cause crash and burn.   
Maintaining a healthy diet when you’re in school is a challenge.  You may be getting off work and rushing to class or have two exams back-to-back, which leaves no room to eat.  If you follow these tips it will help you survive your school year, and come out a healthier person.
  1. Eat Breakfast.  Morning can be a chaotic time.  You’re rushing to get ready and pack your things.  If you’re running late, you may want to skip breakfast, but don’t.  Research has shown it’s the most important meal of the day.  Your body has been fasting all night and it needs energy to take on the challenges that lie ahead.
  2. Don’t Stress Eat.  When you have an endless amount of things on your your to-do list, it is stressful.  Making a list and checking things off as you complete them is a good way to prioritize and tackle assignments.  When you feel unorganized, it adds to your stress making you more likely to binge eat processed, unhealthy snacks.
  3. Keep Healthy Snacks.  For times when stress gets the best of you, keep healthy snacks around such as apples or carrot sticks.  Resist the temptation to even stock your cupboard with processed junk food so the lack of access forces you to eat healthy.  It’s the same as addiction: if it’s not in front of your face, you’re less likely to use it.
  4. Learn Proper Portion Size.  Portion control is something many Americans struggle with.  Learning your own body and the proper portion you require will help with overall health and concentration.  If you skip meals then overeat, you feel lethargic, which makes it difficult to concentrate and complete tasks.
  5. Drink Water.  Drinking water is super important for a healthy lifestyle.  You should always carry water with you to ensure hydration.  Water can also help fight hunger and food cravings.  These tips will make it possible for you to handle the stressors school life brings and help you stay healthy during your academic journey.
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