Beating Social Anxiety at the Gym

Beating Social Anxiety at the Gym

It is possible that once or twice when you would start your gym membership, you would experience anxiety when you see people physically fit doing more reps and at a faster speed than you on the ellipticals or lifting heavy weights than you. This could make you feel embarrassed and out of shape. By learning how to breathe and believing in yourself, you should be able to go to the gym feeling confident in yourself and getting in better shape than ever physically and mentally.

Social anxiety at the gym can mean that you are self-conscious about yourself when you look at everyone else working out. You may feel like you do not know what you are doing or not doing it right. Instead of you focusing on your workouts, you are too busy overthinking what others may be thinking of you and having negative self-talks. This can affect how you feel physically as well where you may have an elevated heart rate, muscle tension, a lot of sweating, and uncontrollable breathing. You should not have to deal with this kind of anxiety when you are merely trying to get healthy and in better shape.

The first way to handle society anxiety at the gym is through positive affirmations to better motivate yourself while working out. Imagine if all of those negative thoughts you were saying to yourself such as “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough here” was said by your friend. You would not want to be friends with the person who says that harmful stuff to you. You want to be around someone who will support and cheer you on. This involves telling yourself that you can work out just as hard and long as anyone.

Another to handle social anxiety is just by focusing on yourself. Do not spend all of your time looking at everyone else exercise or you will feel self-conscious. Maybe that person is working out like a pro because they have been at the gym longer. How everyone exercises has nothing to do with you. Exercise at your own pace with your own goals. Lastly, take ten deep breaths to relax your body to avoid being overwhelmed. Every time that you exercise, you should always be breathing slowly. By focusing on your own workout and no one else’s, you will have the confidence to get in shape without negative overthinking.

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