Bachelorette’s Craig Robinson On Personal Struggle with Addiction and Mental Health

Craig Robinson is a lawyer who was on the sixth season of reality show The Bachelorette. On the podcast Reality Steve, Robinson laid bare his confessions to having a history of drug addiction as well as a previous suicide attempt. By having Robinson speak about his struggles with addiction and mental illness, he is helping to break the stigma and inspire others to get help.

Robinson’s problems with addiction started when he was drinking in high school which followed him in his frat life in college and his career as a lawyer. Then when he was 18, Robinson tried cocaine and said that he loved the rush that it gave him as he felt like he was “up in the sky.” In order to pass the drug test for The Bachelorette, he would stay clean for two or three days to allow the cocaine to run through his system. It was always easy for him to hide his addiction from other people and was still able to be success in school, his career, and stayed away from trouble.

After achieving fame post-Bachelorette, Robinson’s drug use was getting worse as he would use cocaine on a regular basis. He would use cocaine all night before passing out for fifteen hours. His cocaine use would make him feel so sluggish that he felt the need to take more of it to function. At the beginning of 2018, Robinson did not feel like he was well enough physically or mentally to work so he quit his job in February 2018.

For the next four months, Robinson would isolate himself in his apartment by not speaking to anyone on his phone. In June 2018, Robinson tried to hang himself writing a suicide letter and taking cocaine and sleeping pills. Robinson was unsuccessful and ultimately passed out instead. A month later, Robinson broke down in tears confessing to his father about everything and his will to live. He checked into rehab days later and has now achieved sobriety. Learning about Robinson’s story shows you just how draining cocaine can have on you physically and mentally. It can ruin your career, your social life, and leading to depression which can ruin your life. Robinson acknowledges how bad his life was on drugs and concluded at the end of his interview that he wants to provide hope to those who were in the same shoes as him. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and are looking for help, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or use chat services at

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