Are Treatment Options Available While I’m in School?

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Are Treatment Options Available While I’m in School?


The truth is there is no perfect time for treatment. We always have outside responsibilities that we can use as excuse to avoid treatment. The good news is that there are treatment options available while you are in school. There is intensive outpatient, outpatient, therapy, and custom programs.


Intensive outpatient programs are designed for individuals who would benefit from in patient, but are unable to make the around the clock commitment. Programs generally last several hours each day.  You will be with a small group of individuals who are also going through intensive outpatient treatment. This may include therapy, group counseling, and individual support. This is a great option if you have relapsed before or are battling an intense addiction.


There are also less intensive outpatient programs. These may offer the same array of counseling, custom designed programs, and group counseling with a lesser time commitment. You go to school, sleep at home, and still receive treatment for your addiction.


An alternative option is therapy. Sometimes one on one work with an experienced therapist can be a sound structure for support. Therapy can be supported by attendance at 12 step meetings. Some people thrive in a one on one setting. This focused work can help you dive into the history of your addiction and support you increasing new habits and patterns in recovery. The time commitment varies based on your needs.


Good treatment programs will also custom design a program for you. If staying in school is a priority for you, they can create a program for you on nights and weekends working around your school schedule. This approach allows a combination of individual and group support while giving you the freedom to stay enrolled in school.

Some great reasons to attend treatment while in school are:

  • Improved career opportunities
  • Increased self-worth
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Change of scenery
  • Resources


Attending treatment while in school can also offer unique challenges. If the people you drank or did drugs with are at school, that temptation can prove disastrous. Another option is to take a medical leave for in-patient rehab.


No matter what you choose, treatment is a gift full of possibilities. With the care and guidance of a solid treatment team, you have a great chance at recovery. You get to build a new self-respect and self-esteem as a sober student. If you aren’t sure what type of treatment is right for you, you are not alone. Call now to get the help you deserve.
At Simple Recovery, we maintain a simple goal for our residents: learn how to live sober. Our multi-phase program is structured to rebuild life for each resident through clinical therapy, holistic recovery, and integration to either school, work, or volunteering. For information on our programs of treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis, call us today: 888-743-0490