Are There Books That Promote Sober Living and Addiction Recovery?

Man reading at coffee shop

Consider looking at addiction recovery as a photograph. In this photograph, there is the main subject – you. However, there’s more than just you in the picture; there is a background, perhaps with other people surrounding you (maybe your family or friends, your healthcare team, etc.), objects such as a desk or a chair, a piece of artwork on the wall, notes of encouraging hanging up beside a mirror, and more. Addiction recovery constitutes much more than just yourself; it involves other people, places, and things that help you get to where you need to be, much like a photograph depicts. If you’ve been seeking to add more depth and meaning to enrich your life, reading is an excellent source for this.

The following are some excellent books to promote sober living and addiction recovery. Some have been suggested by successful treatment interventions such as SMART recovery, while others have been considered best sellers on outlets such as Amazon.

  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (2014), written by Charles Duhigg. A New York Times Best-Seller book, The Power of Habit takes a glance at how our habits effect our lives, and how we can take small steps to change our habits so that we can find more happiness, health, and success.
  • Awakening the Brain (2012), written by Charlotte A. Tomaino. This book is a blending of spirituality and neuroscience, as Charlotte Tomaino explains that understanding how the brain works and deeply believing that one can change are crucial to success in recovery.
  • Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions (2017), an audiobook by comedian and movie star Russell Brand, Russell highlights his own experiences with a wide range of addictions and shares the insight and wisdom he’s gained through his 14 years of recovery.
  • The Great Work of Your Life (2012), written by Stephen Cope. In this book, Stephen Cope emphasizes the fact that purpose is most paramount to success in recovery; he tells countless stories of individuals who have overcome major hurdles and have become huge successes due to their determination and purpose.

Add more to the photograph. Read up on some wonderful stories written by wise, talented people who have gone through similar experiences as you. Who knows – you may gain an entirely new perspective on your recovery, something that could fill you with more hope and determination than you ever had before.

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