Anxiety Leads to Late Night Bathroom Trips

Anxiety Leads to Late Night Bathroom Trips

Do you notice that you have to go to the bathroom frequently in the middle of the night. You may be thinking that it is because you drank too much liquids before you went to bed. While drinking too much water may be one possibility, it is also possible that your anxiety is affecting your frequent bathroom trips.

Waking up to urinate more than once at night is called nocturia. Sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD says that our disrupted sleeping may be due to stress, anxiety, blood sugar problems, or going to bed too late. If you feel too stressed out during the day or you are too anxious as soon as you go to sleep, your body only makes it possible for you to get superficial sleep. This type of sleep makes it easier for you to wake up and does not put you in a deep sleep. It is not about emptying the bladder that is making those with anxiety wanting to wake up, but the racing thoughts that are running through their head of the stressful day that will await them the next day.

What is hard with nocturia is that once you are awake, it is hard for you to fall back asleep. Before you go to sleep is the time for you to tackle your anxiety instead of hoping that you can sleep it off. The first thing you can do is make yourself a worry journal. This is when you jot down all of your concerns and stressful thoughts in the notebook. You should also write about how you plan on dealing with your stresses so that you can have a clear head in the morning and not be awaken by the feeling of a full bladder. You should also avoid eating and drinking two to three hours before you sleep. Make sure to empty your bladder around this time before you decide to sleep.

If you are still experiencing frequent urination in the middle of the night, it is best to speak to a urologist to see what is causing these late night issues despite all of your relaxation techniques. Going to sleep should be a time when you can relax in slumber to end your day on a good note. By getting your anxiety under control before it is time to close your eyes, you will be able to sleep peacefully.

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