Alcohol-Free Ways to Celebrate the Season

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The holidays can be a challenging time for those in recovery. Many of the season’s festivities are accompanied by alcohol, giving recovering addicts more temptation than they often feel they can handle. If the upcoming holidays are filling you with trepidation, the staff at Simple Recovery has some suggestions for alcohol-free ways to celebrate the season.

Up Your Fellowship with Your Support Group
Both NA and AA continue to meet throughout the holiday season, so this is a good time to increase your fellowship. In fact, some chapters even host marathon sessions to provide those in recovery a safe place to celebrate. Known as “alcathons,” these events are held over an extended period of time, often right on the holiday. Fun activities like group meals and dry parties may be thrown into the mix to keep the celebration going.

Host Your Own Celebration
Throw your own holiday celebration, filled with activities you love, rather than alcohol. Board games, video games and dancing can all take the place of drinking and using at your gathering. Stock the “bar” with plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks – when you are the host, you get to determine what type of food and drink will be served. Provide an inviting setting that encourages guests to connect over conversation and fun activities, instead of drugs and alcohol.

Choose an Alcohol-Free Destination
There are alcohol-free cruises and resort destinations located across the globe today. Select a dream vacation to spend your holiday lolling about on a sandy beach or sailing the high seas. Many of these destination celebrations, designed specifically for those in recovery, also offer daily activities like meditation and 12-step meetings to help you stay on course. Choose from spots around the U.S., Europe or in a variety of tropical destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

Look for Alcohol-Free Events and Activities

Alcohol-free activities abound this time of year, from hitting the slopes to an afternoon of ice skating. Entertainment like movies and live performances often do not include alcohol, giving you hours of enjoyment without having to focus on how you will avoid your triggers. Family-friendly venues are also good choices for those that do not want to worry about temptations rearing their ugly heads.
The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy but for those in recovery, they can also be wrought with potential triggers and the risk of relapse. By planning your festivities ahead of time, you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy your season without compromising your recovery. To learn more about surviving the holidays, contact Simple Recovery at 888-743-0490.