Affordable Treatment Options for Military in Orange County

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As a service member or their family member, you know better than anyone the importance of supporting freedom. Yet, life with an addiction often feels as though you are penned in by the limitations that drugs or alcohol place on your ability to find true happiness.

Unfortunately veterans and active duty service members are at greater risk for developing an addiction compared to other members to the population due to the high demands and stress of their career.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you may be worried about the cost of treatment and/or how it could affect your or their career. Fortunately, there are affordable options that specialize in treatment for service members. This guide will help you understand the treatment options that are viable to you in Orange County, CA.

Treatment Options for Service Members

The first thing to understand is how the different types of treatment programs work. Residential treatment programs involve you staying at the facility overnight for a few days to several weeks. Some people prefer this type of program because it helps them to break away from negative influences and avoid temptation.

Outpatient treatment programs are another option. This type of program will allow you to receive addiction treatment services during certain hours of the day so you can continue to maintain your normal routine the rest of the time. For military members, this is one option that allows you to continue to work and train while also taking the right steps to end your addiction.

How Treatment Costs Compare

The cost of addiction treatment varies depending on the length of your stay, the types of therapy you receive, and what your insurance covers. In most cases, residential care costs more than outpatient treatment.

When cost is a concern, make sure to compare all of your options to find a plan that is both affordable and the most effective for helping you or your loved one to heal.

Other Financial Aspects to Consider

At first glance, many people find the cost of treatment to be daunting. However, there are additional costs associated with addiction that you must take into consideration.

Over your lifetime, continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol could cause you to lose your military status as well as your income. You may also face legal fees such as fines and court costs if you get caught engaging in illegal behavior as a result of your addiction. Even if you manage to avoid the worst consequences, long-term drug or alcohol abuse eventually wears down your health, and medical bills will significantly cut into your budget as you age.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Service members come from all different kinds of backgrounds, which means that some people begin their career already struggling with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Other service members may develop mental health conditions such as PTSD after experiencing a traumatic event during their tour of duty.

Either way, addictions often develop when you try to self-medicate these issues. For this reason, treatment programs often focus on helping people heal their mental health along with providing tools to combat addiction since they go hand in hand. Receiving this additional service, known as co-occuring treatment, helps to you to maximize the benefits provided by your investment in seeking treatment.

Ways to Make Treatment More Affordable

The cost of living in Orange County is high, which means that you need to know your treatment is affordable. In addition to using your health insurance and benefits, you can also find other ways to lower your overall costs.

For example, attending an outpatient treatment center allows you to continue to receive an income while you recover. Insurance options are available in many cases and can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket costs. If you do need residential care, then your insurance may cover a specified amount of time for inpatient care, allowing you to continue the rest of your care on an outpatient basis. For long-term relapse prevention, group counseling sessions offer a less costly alternative to individual therapy.

When you think about the long-term costs of continuing with your addiction, the financial benefits of seeking treatment become clear.

Keep in mind that addiction treatment centers are aware of the financial concerns associated with people who need help recovering from an addiction. As you explore your options, be willing to share your concerns so that the treatment center staff can help you find an arrangement for treatment that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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