Derynne Fuhrer - Yoga Instructor & Somatic Healing Coach, RYT 200, RYT 500, Y12SR

In Derynne’s 20 years of practicing yoga, her experience overtime has shown that when she steps onto her mat, she is actually stepping into the metaphor of her life. By staying present with the experience and paying attention, she notices that what shows up on the mat, shows up elsewhere. With every breath taken, every flowing movement and pose held, her mind becomes quieter, and her body speaks to her through sensation and she is guided into a closer relationship with herself. Derynne’s passion for self-inquiry and yoga directed her to the field of somatic and depth psychology, somatic bodywork and Yin Yoga, where one can heal the deeper levels of the self through quiet observations of the body in response to the mind.

Outside of teaching yoga in studio classes, her passion is working with people suffering from addictions in the recovery community. Derynne currently facilitates Yoga of 12 Step Recovery groups in intensive treatment facilities. With intentional themed group process followed by a related yoga practice, she hopes to facilitate her clients’ journey into a healing journey with themselves. Derynne says, “Yoga is a beautiful tool for self discovery and healing.”

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