We realize that referring your client to the right treatment facility is a decision not made lightly. You have a strong sense of professional responsibility. Making the best recommendation possible is critical.

There may be situations requiring you to be actively involved in the treatment process. While at other times, it may be best to refer, receive periodic updates, and participate in discharged-planning recommendations.

We work in conjunction with the support systems clients may have already established. We believe in collaborative care, and an ethical referral process with fellow healthcare providers, treatment facilities, interventionists, and sober living homes. If a client is currently working with professionals for their care, we want to ensure their care is coordinated with you and maintained as desired.

In dual diagnoses situations where chemical dependency problems are coupled with diagnosable psychiatric disorders, we recognize that both need to be addressed in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Disordered eating, post-traumatic stress disorders, panic/anxiety disorders, or depressive disorders are a just few of the disorders we encounter and treat on a daily basis. With appropriate medication management provided by you, clients will be assisted through a therapeutic process to identify feelings, thoughts, values and beliefs that may trigger relapse to chemical use or co-occurring disorders.

Our job is to help make your decision a Simple one. Contact us. Let’s discuss your client’s specific needs.