Simple Recovery Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Simple Recovery, I find myself in the unique position in which fulfilling a dream is intertwined with practical responsibility and wholeheartedness. It is these feelings that have created dedication: a dedication to ourselves, as well as the lifelong process of transformation, learning and recovery that we at Simple Recovery value so greatly.

The process of learning is inherent. Intertwined with change, learning make us stronger and wiser. People cannot learn something new until they first start to let go of something old. Knowledge opens new pathways, but it also means leaving some things behind us as we walk through the journey of life. As proud as we may feel of the accomplishments we achieve, no one can deny that occasionally we feel pangs of nostalgia that make us long for what we remember later as an easier and simpler time. Change makes us human, and although we know that it is necessary, it is seldom experienced without some measure of sorrow that tempers our excitement.

Our mission at Simple Recovery is to assist you in your own
personal path towards health and healing.

This journey is no small feat; changing addictive choices, destructive behaviors and lifestyles at a core level requires a great deal of dedication, hard work and acceptance. It is not a job that we take lightly, however it is one that we care deeply about and are willing to venture into with you, if you are ready to take the next step.

We don’t just see addiction as a disease, we see it is an opportunity to help you open up to become the person you were meant to be. This journey of self discovery brings about an inner strength, new found hope and awareness to even the darkest of circumstances.

Whether you are just opening this door for the very first time, or a lifelong struggling individual who is ready to try again, each of us knows the wonderful feeling that comes with giving and receiving the gifts of life.

Simple Recovery believes. We believe in potential. We believe in freedom. We believe there is a hope for the healing of your mind, body and spirit. We believe that within your journey lies the individual in which you can and will become.

Thank you for this opportunity to begin this journey with you. I see it not as a job, but as a passion that my entire staff and I are committed to on a daily basis. To us, it is a way of life. I look forward to helping you achieve your truest and highest self, one day at a time.

In solidarity,
Poppy Carmelo