A Two-Way Street: Your Addiction Recovery Helps Your Healthcare Team, Too

doctor and nurse talking to woman

It’s normal for many people entering recovery to feel apprehensive about their healthcare team. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why should they care about what I’m going through?” or “They don’t know me…they’re just doing their job.” While these concerns are incredibly valid, there is likely a reason why the people in your treatment program work there. Some may have struggled with mental illness or addiction before and have decided to come back to help people, others may have lost a loved one to addiction, yet some may work there because it adds meaning and purpose to their lives. If you’re worried about your healthcare team, talk to them about your concerns. Get to know them a little bit; understanding their motivations may help you be at ease.

A 2018 study titled “’Something Drew Me In’: The Professional and Personal Impact of Working with Spirituality in Addiction Recovery” involved interviews with addiction workers who had been working in the area of addiction for 10 years or more. The participants discussed what motivates them in their line of work, and the researchers found 3 themes:

Being Constructive – Many participants noted believe in a Higher Power or being spiritual in nature, which led them to want to consistently improve in their line of work and contribute more to the field. With their sense of spirituality, they wanted to make a difference – for both themselves, and others.

Productivity – For several people, being productive at work equated to fruitfulness and richness in how their work was experienced. Compassion and creativity in the job were found to help workers experience positive results at work.

Managing Therapeutic Ruptures – Participants noted their awareness of how their spirituality directly and indirectly impacted their work. They noted that when their clients act out or regress in their addiction recovery, sometimes they can feel as though they failed their them – realizing they do not have complete control over their work.

Throughout the study, spirituality seemed to serve as a major foundation of purpose for addiction workers. From this, you can guess that many of the members of your healthcare team likely experience the same thing – they find their work fulfilling and want to make a positive influence on others’ lives. Understanding the motivations behind their work can help you to feel better taken care of and more comfortable making your healthcare team a close part of your social support network. Begin speaking with someone from your treatment center today.

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