7 Self-Care Activities You Can Implement Starting Today

woman in bath

We often place our own mental and physical well-being on the backburner when life gets busy. Between work assignments, making sure that our children are taken care of, spending time with our family or significant other, and all these other demands, our own health tends to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, it’s in these cracks that mental illnesses and addictions can develop – depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and more can appear over time if we don’t get our emotional concerns taken care of properly. If you’ve sought out a reputable treatment center to help you get back on track, self-care is going to be incredibly important.

Whether you’re recovering from an addiction or both an addiction and a mental illness, self-care is necessary to stay grounded and maintain a well-balanced life. If you’re looking for activities that you can practice on your own while in recovery, considering the following:

  • Organizing your time. Set a plan for the day. Create breaks for yourself. Doing this will help you find a balanced, structured way of living that will ensure that you get your goals met while also relaxing and enjoying some time to yourself.

  • Practicing mindfulness. With a structured schedule, you no longer have to worry about what will get done when; focus on the present moment and utilize mindfulness tools such as recognizing the environment around you to really focus in on where you’re at.
  • Setting aside time to relax. Peaceful down-time is important – it gives your mind and body a change to recuperate from a busy day.  
  • Getting adequate sleep. Try not to take naps during the day; go to bed at a decent hour and set an alarm so that you wake up early enough to enjoy a full day. On tough days, allow yourself to sleep more than usual so that you can fully recover.
  • Taking care of your hygiene. Sometimes depression can creep in during recovery, making it difficult to do simple tasks such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and more. Continue to do these things, even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Eating nutritious food. Get plenty of vitamins and nutrients in your diet – these include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and limited processed foods.
  • Getting plenty of exercise each week. Even if it’s just starting off with a 30 minute walk each day, get your body moving. This will help you stay in shape and maintain your endurance and strength.


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