6 Party Drugs That Are Popular but Still Dangerous


Recreational drugs gained significantly popularity in the 1970s and 1980s for use at nightclubs, dance clubs, electronic dance music parties and raves. Known as “club drugs” due to their convenience for use of where the person is and where they want to go after taking the drug, club drugs are typically used by teens and young adults. “Designer drugs” was a term created to describe party drugs that were synthetically made. Even today, these drugs are still utilized all over the world, and are still dangerous for many reasons. Let’s explore the top 5 here:

  • MDMA – also known as ecstasy, this drug can create feelings of increased energy and pleasure as well as emotional warmth and distorted sensory/time perception. There are many drugs that have now been created to look like MDMA but are laced with other drugs such as bath salts.
  • Ketamine – a dissociative drug typically used in veterinary settings, this drug can make individuals hallucinogenic. Use can cause many problems, including ulcers in the bladder, kidney problems, risk of HIV or hepatitis, problems with learning or memory, and more.
  • LSD – also known as acid, this is a hallucinogen that alters perception, thoughts, and feelings. This drug can cause persistent psychological problems for a person, with severe anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks occurring if a person experiences a “bad trip”.
  • GHB – a depressant often used to treat narcolepsy, GHB has been used as a date rape drug and can lead to unconsciousness, memory loss, lower body temperature, seizures, coma, and even death.
  • Rohypnol – a benzodiazepine considerable to Valium or Xanax, this drug has been used in the past to perform sexual assault as it can incapacitate a person. Impaired mental functioning, severe sedation, unconsciousness, and slowed heart rate can occur.
  • Methamphetamine – a stimulant drug also known as “meth” can easily lead to addiction. If use is prolonged, a person may also experience heart palpitations, malnutrition, seizures, stroke, skin sores, and much more.


Always consider the dangers of a drug before using – the dangers always outweigh the perceived benefits. If you’ve been struggling with addiction or drug abuse, seek help from a reputable treatment center today. Recovery is possible.

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