6 Body-Positive Celebrities

two women walking outside

With celebrities like the Kardashian Family, Kate Upton, Victoria Secret models and more, women are feeling even more pressure to conform. Men are familiar with the pressure too – Taye Diggs, Channing Tatum and David Beckham all set the standards high when it comes to tone, muscles, and overall attractiveness, as they are represented in the media. Although there are some celebrities that we allow ourselves to generate feelings of envy or low self-esteem over, there are also many celebrities that endorse embracing your body for how it naturally is.

  • Jennifer Lawrence. In an interview with Vogue, Jennifer stated, “Shows like the Fashion Police and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all things that are wrong…they call it “fun” and “welcome to the real world” and that shouldn’t be the real world. That’s going to keep being the real world if we keep it that way.”
  • Beyoncé. In a beautiful speech that Beyoncé gave after winning a fashion award, she stated, “We have the opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection.”
  • Tyra Banks. Tyra stated in an interview with Shape Magazine, “[Body shaming] is something that I realize women do constantly and don’t even know they’re doing it. They say these negative things about themselves that they would never say to someone else.”
  • Laverne Cox. Laverne told Allure, “There’s beauty in the things that are imperfect. That sounds very cliché, but it’s true.” Laverne has proven to be a woman that appreciates the very nature of being human – making mistakes, being imperfect, and trying our best.
  • Adele. “I love food and hate exercise. I don’t have time to work out…. I’m not a trendsetter, I’m a singer. I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album….my aim in life is never to be skinny.”
  • Amber Riley. “Going to auditions and hearing the casting director say, ‘you need to lose a little weight’; I didn’t understand why people couldn’t accept me for who I was… I’m not going to conform and hurt myself and do something crazy to be a size 2.”

Many programs that assist with eating disorders and mental disorders utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, a form of treatment that helps individuals change negative thought patterns into positive, productive ones. Accepting and loving our body just the way it is can be freeing and can allow us to live authentically.

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