5 Ways You Can Take a Stand for Sobriety, Starting Today

Stand for Sobriety


We’ve all heard it before – America is in a crisis. The opioid epidemic has affected thousands of people all over the country, and addiction runs rampant, leaving many people distressed and in poor condition on all three corners: physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a nation, we need to stand up – together – and fight against addiction. Many coalitions have started over the past 10 years to help garner community support and defense against addiction, but more people are always needed. Whether you’re relatively new in your journey to recovery or you’ve been in recovery for quite some time, there are many ways you can act to further promote sobriety. In fact, you don’t even need to be in recovery – you can take part by being a supporter!

Volunteer. According to the Corporation for National Community Service, approximately 25.3% of Americans volunteer each year. If you’re currently in a reputable treatment program, speak with their services coordinator to learn more about how you can volunteer. There are many organizations, such as the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, that may also be able to assist you in finding volunteer opportunities.

Stand Strong. Set limits for yourself and hold yourself accountable to those limits. Sometimes acting as a role model for others is a wonderful way to influence people in an effective way, without explicitly talking about your decisions.
Educate Others. Work towards educating those you love and care about on the dangers of addiction. If you have children, speak with them about how harmful it can be to both them and those they love. Small moments where you can teach others can go a very long way.

Seek Help. There is nothing more respectable than seeking help yourself. If you’ve been struggling with addiction, seek out a reputable treatment program and enroll yourself today. Your life can serve as a meaningful story for others to learn from – making you a very valuable role in helping America overcome addiction.

Celebrate Life. A popular component of recovery is the practice of mindfulness; an article featured by the American Psychological Association (APA) denotes that living in the present moment can reduce rumination, stress, emotional reactivity and more while improving focus, memory, cognitive flexibility, and relationship satisfaction. Enjoy your life and show others what it means to truly live.

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