5 Ways To Prevent A Relapse When You’re Right In The Middle Of A Craving Or Trigger

group laying down with sunglasses on

Many people rely on substances to fill the voids of their life. Maybe you didn’t receive the right nurturing that you needed when you were younger, and substances seemed to give you feelings of love and attention at the time. Perhaps you did receive nurturing but always felt as though you weren’t fun enough, cool enough, or something else – and that led you to abuse substances. No matter your relationship with addiction, it caused you more problems than you realized. Now that you’re in recovery, you want to work towards a better and brighter future – one that’s filled with more stability, safety, and love.

Recovery takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it because it essentially gives you your life back – it gives you the opportunity to see life as it really is, with all its tragedy and beauty, it’s splendor and downfall. Through recovery, you develop healthy coping skills for navigating all these unexpected twists and turns. Even through all this work, however, there will still be times that you run into triggers and cravings to use again. If this occurs, there are 5 key strategies you can take:

  1. Avoid making choices that put you closer to using. Whether it’s avoiding a certain person, cancelling social plans, or taking a different route home to avoid an old place you used to use substances in – hold yourself back from getting involved in situations that could lead you to relapse.
  2. Rely on your support system. Call your sponsor, therapist, spouse, anyone who fully supports your recovery.
  3. Use the tools you’ve learned so far. Pull out a sheet of paper and begin writing the ways in which using caused you more harm than good. On the opposite end, write down people or reasons to motivate you in recovery.
  4. Distract yourself for a moment while you regain composure. Read a delightful book, listen to positive music, watch a funny movie, call a good friend, etc.
  5. Practice self-care and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions you’re experiencing. If sadness is what is triggering you, give yourself permission to cry. Sometimes fully feeling these emotions is what can help you move past them.

There will be many stressful times in life just as there will be many wonderful times. Soak them all in and allow them to alter you in the most beautiful of ways. Don’t give up.

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