5 Valentine’s Day Dates That Will not Impact Your Recovery

Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day can easily cause stress and anxiety for those of us in recovery. Perhaps you’ve just begun your journey to recovery and you are nervous about societal expectations that are often placed on this holiday – being in a loving relationship, buying romantic gifts and celebrating in big, romantic ways are often what people expect from one another. The pressure of enjoying Valentine’s Day the “right” way can send anyone into overdrive. Here are some wonderful date ideas that you can implement on Valentine’s Day that won’t interfere with the goals you’ve set for your recovery:

  • Go out for a dinner and a movie. Although it’s simple, it’s a fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day evening with a significant other or friends. There are several restaurants that you can attend that don’t serve alcohol; if you feel pressured to drink, don’t attend any places that offer it. You’ll have a great evening and not even have to worry about retreating to past patterns of behavior.
  • Take a lovely walk in a new park. Exploring unfamiliar places, whether by yourself or with others, is a terrific way to be with nature and appreciate the beauty that is around you.
  • Visit a museum and learn all about your city’s history. Museums are excellent for dates because they provide artwork and artifacts for you to marvel over, whether you’re alone or with others. Most museums don’t offer alcoholic beverages, so you’ll be able to enjoy your historic tour without any pressure.
  • Engage in a crafty class to enhance your creativity. Cooking, art, dance, music, etc. are all classes that you can take on Valentine’s Day. This could be a wonderful way to learn more about your significant other, or to simply have fun and focus on the present moment.
  • Do something active. Go to a local YMCA and play basketball. Find a baseball field and get some friends together to play a game. Visit a local skating rink with someone and run into walls as you try to stop. These are activities that don’t incorporate alcohol but do incorporate loads of fun.


The NY Daily News notes that to have fun on Valentine’s Day, you must remember that it’s just a day, like any other day. It only must hold special meaning to it if you let it. If you don’t have others to spend the holiday with, make the decision to volunteer. Go out and do something where many others will be around so that you aren’t feeling alone. So many people out there are also in recovery and there are many ways that you can have fun without feeling pressure to drink.

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