5 Types of People You Need to Avoid in Your Residential Treatment Program

Treatment Program group

Social support is a vital component to success in recovery, but there are also people who can make your recovery more challenging. Unfortunately, not everyone in a residential treatment program has the best motives and, with or without knowing it, they can bring you down. Make sure you pay close attention, because the following types of people are likely not the best influence on your success in recovery:

  1. People who help you make excuses for bad decisions. If you’ve recently shared your disappointment in your recent relapse and a new friend from your treatment program says something to help you justify your use, they are likely not a good friend for you to have. You want to have individuals in your life who help you take responsibility for your actions and move forward, not make excuses for these actions.
  2. Individuals who “talk down” your recovery. Recovery is a challenging process, and it’s important to have people around you who motivate and inspire you; spending your time with people who make you feel as though you aren’t doing enough could trigger you to relapse or worse – give up on your recovery journey altogether.
  3. People who push you to “sneak in” substances. This should be a clear indicator that this individual isn’t actively working towards your recovery, and is a person you need to avoid.
  4. Friends who seem to only be “happy” with you when you’re doing poorly. Unfortunately, the phrase “misery loves company” does ring true for some people; if you’ve noticed your new “friend” is happier with you when you’re struggling in your recovery, they may not have the best intentions in mind.
  5. Individuals who talk about using after they leave their program. The point of a recovery program is to help you build up a solid foundation for sobriety and a life of recovery once you leave – not to go back to using afterwards. This type of friend doesn’t plan on recovering, and could bring you down with them.

Millions of people in the United States experience an addiction each year, yet less than half seek treatment. Not everyone finds success in recovery, but it’s likely because they didn’t have the right support, they weren’t getting what they needed from their treatment program, or they never fully grasped the consequences that addiction caused them and their loved ones. Choose your friends wisely, and keep pushing through in your recovery.

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