5 Signs You’re a Workaholic

Addiction has come to plague the world in many forms.  While most think of drugs or alcohol, there are a lot of other things a person can become addicted to.  People joke around saying they or their friend is a workaholic, but workaholism is no laughing matter.  It is a true addiction that causes a person and those around them to suffer.  

Here are five signs you may be overworking yourself:


  1. You’re the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Work ethic can be a great characteristic because people are able to rely on you to get things done.  Having a big project and needing to stay late a couple days is one thing, but being early and staying late every single day is not healthy.  It takes away from you and your presence with loved ones.
  2. You’re always stressed.  There are two different types of stress: eustress and distress.  Eustress can be a positive thing and causes a short-term increase in productivity.  When pressure to perform becomes so strong that it results in distress, it is no longer healthy.  Distress can cause health and relationship problems, especially if there is no end in sight.
  3. You choose work over spending time with your family.  Life is about finding someone you care about and choosing to share experiences with them.  When you’re a workaholic, jobs take precedence over everything in your life, which results in family neglect.  A workaholic may also lie to their family about working or hide their work.  
  4. You never take a vacation.  Most workaholics have a serious micromanaging problem.  They may find it impossible to trust others to do tasks, so they take on way more than they can handle.  Taking a vacation seems impossible because they always feel like they have too much work to do.  Even if they do decide to go somewhere, they may bring their computer to work remotely and constantly be thinking about it.
  5. You’re in denial about being a workaholic.  You may have had numerous people tell you that you work too much or you need to take a break.  Some people may even joke that they themselves are workaholics.  Yet, a true workaholic does not believe they are a workaholic.  There are justified reasons in their mind about why they need to work and they tell themselves they’ll rest later, but later never comes.  
Workaholism is quite similar to alcoholism.  A workaholic typically has some void they are trying to fill or deep emotional issue they don’t want to face, so they choose work to take them away from themselves.  Countless workaholics actually turn into alcoholics because they are unable to fill the internal void with work.  Many treatment centers are open and available to workaholics, as well as twelve step meetings and therapy.  If you have a desire to overcome your workaholism, there are many options for you.
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