5 Signs of a Sexual Addiction

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There are many things a person can become addicted to. The brain receives all pleasure in the same way, which results in the release of an excess amount of dopamine. Dopamine is referred to as the feel good chemical. It is released in response to illicit drugs, alcohol, certain medications, gambling, food, and sex. When someone habitually partakes in an activity which causes the brain to produce more dopamine, they can become dependent on the activity. The brain adjusts and begins to naturally produce less dopamine, resulting in the need for pleasure to induce production. Sex addiction can be a particularly difficult disease to overcome because sex is a natural part of life. Most adults on the planet engage in some form of sexual activity, but there is a point when it becomes too much. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Habitual masturbation. Masturbation is completely normal, but excessive masturbation is not. It can be one of the beginning signs of a sexual addiction, and someone may start doing it several times per day. You may find yourself thinking about the next time you’ll be able to do it and pondering ways of sneaking away.
  • Sex drive seems insatiable. If you have a sexual addiction, it may seem like you’re never satisfied. Once you engage in sexual activity, you find yourself wanting to do it over and over again. When you’re not doing it, you’re thinking about it.
  • You have multiple partners. Due to the insatiability of your sex drive, you may feel like your sexual partners can never keep up with you. For this reason, you attempt to have multiple people you call to have sexual interactions with. Most people with a sexual addiction struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with one person because of their obsession to engage in sexual activity.
  • You engage in phone sex, cyber sex, or watch excessive pornography. If you’re trying to sustain a monogamous relationship, you could find yourself going online to find cyber partners or calling sex hotlines to have phone sex with strangers. Virtual sex still counts and can be just as damaging to your relationships as in-person sex.
  • Sexual activity dominates over every aspect of your life. When you have a sexual addiction, it is hard to maintain a daily life. You likely think about sexual activity constantly to the point where it disrupts other parts of your life. You could find yourself trying to masturbate at work, cheating on your girlfriend with a prostitute, or in extreme cases, engaging in criminal activities such as stalking, rape, and other philias.

Although it can feel like you’re trapped in a cycle of repetitive sexual behavior, there are tons of resources available to help you overcome your sexual addiction. There are twelve step self-help groups which can help you find fellowship among others who have experienced the same feelings as you, but were able to overcome and heal from their addiction. Sexual addiction is often the root of a deeper problem, and receiving therapy can help face the issues which bother you. You are just one call away to a healthier, happier life.

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