5 Lessons You Gain from Art Therapy

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5 Lessons You Gain from Art Therapy

Recent years have brought a higher presence of alternative forms of addiction therapy.  While cognitive behavioral therapy tends to be more prevalent, creative methodologies are starting to gain more recognition.  One of the alternative forms of creative treatment is art therapy.  Art therapy uses a wide variety of artistic activities to promote healing.  Some types of art therapy might include painting, drawing, playing an instrument, making pottery, or scrapbooking.  Art therapy is good for the soul and helps to achieve a general well-being.  Below are five lessons you can gain from practicing art therapy.


  1. Self-regulation. A person who uses art therapy as a form of healing learns things take time.  When you paint, it needs time to dry between coats, so you are forced to be patient.  Patience is a great characteristic everyone should attempt to acquire.  A person in the midst of addiction is irrational and likes instant gratification.  Art therapy teaches you to to be able control and work through thoughts and emotions on your own.
  2. Self-esteem booster.  A person suffering from addiction has some of the lowest self-esteem possible.  Many people suffer from depression in conjunction with addiction, therefore making it worse.  To utilize art therapy you don’t need to be talented or have previous experience.  Even drawing scribbles or painting the simplest picture can be therapeutic and give you a great sense of pride.
  3. Communication.  If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is likely you have communication problems.  Addicts and alcoholics are suffering and aren’t able to express how they feel.  They may not even understand why they feel the way that way.  During art therapy, both the left and right side of the brain are working together.  Practicing artistic activities promotes logic and understanding, and allows for you to self-expression.
  4. Healing.  Sketching a drawing or painting a picture can take many hours.  When you are in deep concentration during the creation of a project, you are not thinking about your stressors.  Art therapy is very calming and acts as a form of meditation.  You are one with your mind, body, and spirit.  It is almost as if you have entered another dimension within your body.  Doing this allows for your emotional, and even physical pain, to heal.
  5. Knowledge.  Practicing art therapy allows you to learn your identity and gain educational knowledge.  You may begin to understand the culture and gain appreciation for its immense history.  Art therapy has been proven to help people with many problems such as anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, and ADHD, and addiction.  It is profoundly therapeutic and may be used alone or in conjunction with another form of treatment.  If you are suffering from addiction, it may be time you seek art therapy and create your way to a better life.


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